“A New Semester Brings A New Chorale”

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By Danielle  Walsh


WSU Chorale - photo courtesy of WSU VPA Dept.Some things students think about upon returning to school at the start of the new semester are classes, friends, maybe even the mundane regularity of their daily schedules. For Christie Nigro, Worcester State University (WSU) Visual and Performing Arts professor and long-time Chorale Director, the beginning of the fall semester means auditions for the WSU Chorale.

According to Nigro, the Chorale is a competitive a cappella performing group here at WSU.  They have recently returned from a summer trip to Germany, and have also already held Autumn auditions for all parts (alto, tenor, bass, and soprano) and received a  good turnout.

“We had a lot of spots available because we lost a lot of our seniors, and a few members simply couldn’t commit to the rehearsals this time around,” said Nigro. “We had a lot of turnout for the auditions, including freshmen, and we actually just met our quota for the tenor and alto sections, which were lacking when we first started.”

What can be expected from the newly revamped Chorale this school year one might asl?  “We will hold rehearsals on Tuesdays nights and every other Sunday nights, as well as participating in concerts throughout the Worcester community as well,” said Nigro. All in all, the Chorale is in full swing for the upcoming concerts, which will be held later in the semester.


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