Dance Your Butt Off – Free Zumba Lessons at WSU

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By Emily MacWilliams

Zumba attendants packed in for a Zumba Lesson in the Student Center. Photo by Ashley Arseneau

The dance fitness class called Zumba has gained in popularity over recent years. So much so that it has even landed here at Worcester State University (WSU). Third World Alliance is sponsoring a month of free weekly lessons of this popular workout on campus.

Zumba is a type of fitness dancing with choreographed steps that work your arms, middle section, and legs all at once. An instructor leads the class while doing the steps as everybody follows along. The steps in each song repeat multiple times, varying in the chorus and the verses, so they are easy to memorize quickly.

What really makes Zumba so fun is the music. The rhythms and beats of the hip-hop, salsa, samba, merengue, pop and Bollywood songs, most common in a Zumba class, are infectious and will have participants dancing well after the class has ended. Because it is s so fun it is easier to stick with than other, more tedious exercises like running on a treadmill, using a stationary bike or an elliptical machine.

TWA member Emelyn Guevara said she organized this as her first event of the semester because many TWA members thought lots of students would be interested, including themselves

To teach the weekly class they have hired professional Zumba instructor, Glenda Carnate, who has been a Zumba instructor for the past 5 years. Carnate said that an individual can burn anywhere from 300-800 calories in one hour doing Zumba, depending on their intensity level.

When asked why she thought Zumba was turning into such a fitness phenomenon she said, “Because it’s like a party. It’s fun, free, lively, and inclusive. It let’s you be who you are. In Zumba nobody asks you to be anything but yourself.”

Taneisha Mings, a WSU student, says that she loves Zumba because, “you can really feel the burn!” Mings has attended Zumba classes before and enjoys the one at WSU with Carnate because she plays, “more Spanish music.”

Another student, Katherine Rivera, went to one class without the intention of dancing, but the music was so captivating that she “jumped in anyway, despite being dressed in jeans and flips flops,” she said.

Anyone feeling stressed, overworked or unhealthy, come and let off some steam, and get their blood pumping and do something good for themselves. There are only a few free classes left, so anyone interested should come experience it for themselves Tuesday nights from 5:30 – 6:30p.m. in the Student Center Exhibit Center.

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