Know your rights! Know your Student Government!

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The Worcester State University (WSU) Student Government Association (SGA) has been hard at work since the semester’s start tackling issues on campus. Each week, campus elected representatives advocate for important student issues. A crucial factor in the strength the SGA is the student community’s active participation.


Issues that senate has been actively pursuing this year include debit cards use at Chartwells, extending library hours, and calling for student groups to once again have access to ladders for advertising. The energy senators have been pouring into supporting these changes comes from an active student community voice.


As WSU President, Barry Maloney, states on the campus website: “the student is the most important person on our campus.”


What better way to assert importance as a student than by active participation in student government?


Although Fall elections have passed, there are many opportunities to participate in WSU student government. Attend a meeting, Thursdays in the Foster Room at 4 p.m. and share changes the WSU student community would like to see. Voice campus opinion on how great or atrocious campus policies are. Students can also contact their class representatives directly or drop in to the Senate Office SC314 during office hours.


Experience student voice in action, talk to your SGA representative today!


-Marion Calabro

Senate Correspondent








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