Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards: Thoughtful, Personable and Fun!

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With Valentine’s Day less than a week away it is time to once again get cards for those special people in our lives worthy of getting a card. However this is sometimes easier said than done. Who among us has never been in a card aisle for far too long trying to pick one card that says what we want to say and looks good. Also, if you have a few people to get cards, this can be very annoying and if you do not have much money slightly wallet hurting if you want to give them a really cool card. That is why a fun alternative of buying cards and spending way too much time in the store picking them out is to make them yourself. I personally think it is much more fun, and thoughtful to receive a homemade card than the same old store cards we get every year.

Now I do not go out and buy fancy card paper or anything special like that. For example, last year on my friend’s birthday I took a piece of green copy paper folded it into card form and taped a Sudoku puzzle inside from that day’s paper (She loves Sudoku). Of course, I also used colored pencils I found from way back when to write Happy Birthday. From what I know, she had much more fun with this than a normal card.

This year for my V-Day cards I am using the photographs from a Calendar and colored copy paper I found. You could use anything though, such as photographs of your own, magazine pictures or ads, or even draw in your own art. You could even make something on your computer if that’s your thing. Either Way this allows you to be more personable with your card giving. Also, you can even have some fun with it while you save money. I was lucky to find a few spare sheets of colored paper here in our newsroom that we were not using and had glue stick from a previous project. Either way it was not expensive. I will most likely use a marker to write the messages on the cards.

If creativity is not your thing you could go old school and even just cut a heart out of a piece of paper,
possibly color it in and write what you want to say. Remember how cool that was in grade school? I am sure someone would get a kick out of it provided they had a good sense of humor. Either way, the object is to give something more fun and hopefully cheaper than the store-bought cards. Don’t get me wrong, the store-bought cards are not evil, but should hallmark speak for us all the time?

A preview of my handy work.

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