A Take on this Year’s Superbowl Ads

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By Amanda Babb

The Superbowl may be over but students are still buzzing about the long anticipated ads. However, this year was a pretty big disappointment as far as commercial creativity goes.

Doritos with their always highly anticipated commercial featuring a dog bribing a man, (“You didn’t see NUTHIN”) with bags of Doritos, or the grandma slingshot-ing the baby to retrieve a bag of Doritos, met our usual expectations of funny commercials. Plus, because they were centered around the product, of course the ads made me crave some of the cheesy chips. However, most of the other commercials did not seem to create much, if any, product awareness.

Remember the Darth Vader kid commercial from last year? Where the child uses the force and makes his dad’s car start? This year, the commercial was about a fat dog who sees the car driving down the road, and wants to chase it. But, unfortunately, he can’t fit through the doggie door. The dog starts to run stairs, diets, even swims some laps. Before long he runs through that doggie door, and chases the happy red car. Of course, at the end of the commercial, the scene cuts to the alien bar from Star Wars, with an appearance from the Darth Vader kid. Now, you can see the commercial in your mind, right? But let me ask you this: What kind of car was being advertised?

Similar situations with the Matthew Broderick’s (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) car commercial, and the Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno car commercial, the man kissing the foreign woman (who turned out to be a car) commercial, the vampire car commercial, and the daredevil car commercial, and the Mayan 2012 apocalypse truck commercial. What kinds of cars were all these commercials selling? Before you Google it, ask a few people if they know.

There were a few good ones. M&Ms stayed true to their nature by being funny, imaginative, and somehow not crude at all while starring a naked M&M. Coca Cola went retro by going back to the classic animated polar bear commercials. The classic E*Trade commercial still starred the unusually grown-up baby. But none of these were quite as fulfilling as ads from Superbowls past.

(By the way, those cars were Honda CR-V, the Acura NSX, the Fiat 500, Audi, Chevy Sonic, and the Chevy Silverado. In that order.)

Do you remember the old Bud-wise-err frog commercials? Or how about the first time you ever saw an Old Spice ad? Or the Snicker’s Betty White ad? Well, look at it this way: It is up to you, students here at Worcester State! Recapture the creativity! Create a Superbowl ad that will be remembered years from now! And make sure that we actually know the product you’re selling. And please, no more Go-Daddy ads.

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