Moving In Stereo: Clark Students Take Electronic Company and Worcester’s Electronic Scene to New Heights

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The Worcester Music scene is quite large and ever changing. Electronic music which has been gaining mainstream popularity over recent years has even come to the area . Most interestingly some of the more successful artists are college students, which is quite meaningful in a city full of colleges and universities.

One especially ambitious group in the city’s electronic music scene goes by the name BDM and is made up mostly of students from nearby Clark University. When asked what the initials BDM stand for, Ross Nibur, and Hudson Eikin, of BDM, gave a few different meanings that were quite imaginative and displayed the groups creativity. Some names given included Big Drum Machine and Brass Dance Monkey.

According to Eikin, Clark University student and BDM DJ, the group got started when a roommate of his bought some turntables and their group of friends started practicing with them and eventually they started playing house parties. These parties gained quite large crowds overtime and they decided they could possibly take this further than raves and house parties.

Nibur, agent, manager, and promoter and Clark University student was a later edition he said. He joined in October 2011 and came in to help with promoting and getting gigs. He is not a DJ but more involved with management side of the band. He is mostly working on BDM’s first big event to happen in March at The Raven club and will be called Adventure Time.

“We are going to turn the place into a cartoon wonderland.” Nibur said.

Adventure Time will not just feature DJs but also local graphic artists doing the work of making the animations for the club. This event is only the beginning of what they want to do. As they are doing the prep work for the show, they are starting work on a future show. BDM DJ’s are no stranger to performing outside of house parties however.

DJ Wubson, Eikin’s stage name, has headlined local clubs such as Tammany Hall on Pleasant Street for Electric Tuesday multiple times and had a residency at Club U on Park Avenue for a period of time. He said most of his inspiration for his work comes from Burning Man an event where he got to perform.

“It was such a life changing event; I want to bring that to this event, [Adventure Time]” said Eikin.

To make the show accessible to everyone they are keeping the cover low. According to Nibur, ages 18+ will be charged $8, and 21+ guests will pay $5. Like Burning Man, which they say is put on by regular everyday people, they want to let people know they are just regular people putting on an event.

As excited as they are about the event, both Eikin and Nibur have found challenges with planning. One thing they brought up was that, “Worcester is the Wild, Wild, West of Electronic Music”, as there is not much of an established scene out here already to fall back on. Both say that putting on this type of show is about creating something out of nothing.

Eiken was also the opening act for Rusko at the recent Palladium show in Worcester. Quite the accomplishment for two seniors in college just down the road from us.

According to BDM, Adventure Time will take place on March 24 at The Raven located at 258 Pleasant Street in Worcester.

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