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By Erika Anderson 

   The most recent Education for Power event on February 19 took place Worcester State University(WSU), was one of many once a month events put on by the Worcester Free School.  This was by far the “biggest one yet, presenter wise” said Liz Swenson, founder of the Worcester Free School.  The event’s presenters were mostly professors from local colleges; WSU, Clark University, and WPI.

      According to their Facebook page, The Worcester Free School is “a group working to develop better ways for people in the community of Worcester to learn from each other, and improve their lives and communities through education.”  The idea for this group originally came about from the Occupy Movement last year and how a number of Occupy sites had free schools that taught people about different issues that needed to be addressed in the movement.  Swenson said “We wanted it to be free and educational, and open to everyone in our community,” and that is how it has been run so far she said.  Anyone is welcome to join. 

    The event, was centered on action heroes in childhood cartoons like; Batman, Voltron, Wonder Woman, Captain Planet, and He-Man & SheRa.  Each action hero was assigned to a room and had a different theme, for instance Captain Planet had Earth and eco-friendly themed lectures. 

     Katherine Mitchell, an attendee and Education for Power, saw the event posted on their Facebook page and thought “the different lectures seemed really interesting.”  Mitchell attended the Voltron: E.P.O.C.A – Building Relationships – Building Power with speakers Luis Bajana, Jaime Ayers, and Kevin Welby.  She found it to be “very interesting” and was glad she went. 

    The next event, Holistic Health Day, will be on March 24 ,at 97 D Webster Street in Worcester.  The day will include direct teaching to a subject (Yoga, Co-Counseling, Meditation, or Fitness) while others will include community discussion and recipe sharing for people with specifics diets (gluten free and vegan).  In May, the Worcester Free School is planning two workshops, one to discuss Advocacy and Self Advocacy and the second will be a knitting and crocheting workshop.

     Swenson also said, “Personally, I love learning new things. I think people should learn all throughout their lives as it brings more depth to life. We all recognized that it is incredibly important to a community that people are able to pass on the knowledge and wisdom that they have gained. Worcester Free School is a way to help people do that.” 

    Meetings take place every Thursday night at 9 p.m. at 97 D Webster St.  It is a small group but they are always looking for people to come and participate and help get things going. 

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