Student Emergency Fund: An Altruistic Proposal for the Worcester State Community

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By Marion Calabro (Senate Correspondent)


Life is full of the unexpected. College Students especially can find themselves in situations where they are not ideally equipped to handle life’s variables. Students at Worcester State have proposed the creation of the Student Emergency fund. This fund would be available to matriculated students in times of unexpected need. The introduction of a Student Emergency Fund also includes an additional proposal for a mandatory $2.00 fee added to tuition bills of students each semester.


Students are the cornerstone of the WSU community. Acting as such a student lead initiative has moved to install the Student Emergency Fund. These efforts have been spear-headed by SGA President Patrick Hare. In addition Trevor Sansoucy, a Resident Senator volunteered to chair the Ad-hoc Committee in charge of the $2.00 Student Emergency Fund fee proposal. The Worcester State Student Senate also voted in support of this proposal before it was presented to the university’s administration.


This fund is an expansion of efforts made by Dr. Sybil Brownlee to aide students in unforeseen financial need. Dr. Brownlee’s efforts have also been of great service in fundraising for the Student Emergency Fund.


The purpose of this fund is to assist students during the academic year who have unforeseen financial need that affects their ability to attend Worcester State University. These events could include expensive car repair costs unaffordable by a commuter student.


The Student Emergency Fund is not related to a student’s financial aide. Any matriculated student requiring assistance from the fund would fill out an application which would be then processed for approval. If approved the funds would either be in the form of a grant or loan depending on an individual’s circumstance.


In order to provide financial backing needed for the Student Emergency Fund a mandatory $2.00 fee would be added to WSU students’ tuition bills. The total charge for supporting this fund to a student graduating in 4 years would be $16.00. Implementing the small fee for each student creates a sizable financial return for the Student Emergency Fund. This money would join funds earned from annual fundraising and alumnae donations. Recently, the Student Events Committee donated the proceeds from their Psychic Fair to the Student Emergency fund.


Every matriculated student is eligible to receive aid from the Student Emergency Fund and the implantation of the $2.00 fee would provide students with the opportunity to give back to the Worcester State community. The proposal for the mandatory $2.00 has been passed by WSU’s Foundation Board and will be face further votes at ACC, the President’s Office, and the Board of Trustees.


This fund would have direct effects on current student’s upcoming tuition bills as well as the strength and availability of the Student Emergency Fund. If any student would like to express their support or concerns over the proposed $2.00 fee or the Student Emergency Fund they are encouraged to contact their student government at

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