Moving In Stereo: Funk Comes to Worcester via Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket

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The local music scene in Worcester can claim a lot of great, relatively unheard of bands, and also, most importantly, quite a few venues for bands from out of town to come play their music and bless the people of Worcester with something they cannot see every week without going east. Recently, the people of Worcester were given the gift of funk in a big way.

On Saturday, March 31, Tammany Hall welcomed The Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket to a small but excited crowd. Most interesting, besides the music of course, was how this ten member band squeezed onto the small stage at Tammany, along with all of their instruments. They told me they had played on even smaller stages in the past.

Now to discuss the gift of funk the band brought. It was not just normal funk, it was Beantown Funk. Something similar, but not the same as normal funk. According to guitarist, Funk EZ Money McNasty,” “It has a little bit more rock and latin percussion in it.” Whatever it had in it must have been more than enough to get everyone at Tammany excited and dancing despite it being the last set of the night at 12:40 a.m.

Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket is preparing to release their first full length studio album in May. The album will be self-titled and will feature all twelve songs from the set heard that night.  After the album they have big plans.

“We are going global!” said keyboardist Reverend Bad Funkalatoo. They plan to expand their shows further out past Massachusetts and will soon be traveling to Maine in the coming months. From there they aspire to book a national tour.

This hopeful bunch of funky rockers have been jamming as a group for about two and a half years. They said in an interview that the group started with five members then and have grown since then to the aforementioned ten piece ensemble that they are today. Their lineup includes two vocalists, one doubling as mc, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, drums and bass among other things.

As someone who has seen quite a few shows, especially at Tammany, it can safely be said that they brought the Beantown Funk and then some to Worcester. Their set featured lots of energy and talent for their music and performance. In the process of making a few videos during their show, it was truly a challenge to stand relatively still and not dance to avoid camera shakes.

Those who missed it need not be afraid. The Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket will return to Wormtown in June when they play at Beatnik’s on Park Avenue June 8. Also, for anyone willing to travel, there is a plethora of dates they have booked around Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine that can be found on their website .

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