The Battle Royale for those with Brains at WSU

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By Erika Anderson

     On Wednesday March 28, Worcester State University held the annual “Battle of the Brains,” a Jeopardy like game show, located in the Blue Lounge in the Student Center. The event was put on by Student Events Committee.  Here, a small group of contestants and friends had gathered to watch the game unfold.  In the back of the room there was a table laid out with questions and prizes for anyone in, or not in, the contest, which was nice gesture especially for the teams who did not win.

    Like any game it started with the game show host, Tim Sullivan, Assistant Dead/ Director of Student Acitivits, explaining all the rules in great depth.  There were six teams of four players, who each had a clicker to “buzz” into a question, also read by Sullivan.  The questions themselves covered history, science, literature, geography, the arts, social sciences, sports, and popular culture. 

     Each round was  ten minutes long and the first round was a “loser goes home” elimination round.  Team Fruitloops lost to Team Ramrod by ten points.  Team 4 Horsemen beat Team Jimmy Dean’s Breakfast by five points.  Team Hash Tag Paul beat team Chess Club by 30 points. 

     In the next round it was double elimination; teams must lose twice to go home.  The top three teams played each other twice. In the end it came down to 4 Horsemen and Hash Tag Paul.  It was a rather close match, but 4 Horsemen pulled away for the win.  First and Second Place prizes were $300 and $150 respectively. 

      When asked about whether or not the 4 Horsemen (Eric Thulin, Zach Creeden-Prefontain, Kerry Sabanty, and John Inman) studied, or received a study guide, they were quoted saying “no, we received a set of rules, but no study guide.” The students said. “We didn’t study, we just know a bunch of random stuff,” that apparently the rest of the contestants did not know and they also mentioned that they watched a lot of game shows too. 

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