Who Knew About Woo U? : The Lancer Oak

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By Joseph P. Labaire

As winter has now turned to spring and life seems to begin again, we are reminded of birth. Each bud on a tree is a new life waiting to be born into this world. The trees that the buds sprout from are another year older, and another year wiser. How many winters have they had to brave, or in this years’ case, just had to wait out? As you stroll around campus thinking about everything except classes, just waiting for the summer and the hopes you have for it, take time to look around and notice the tree life that we share our campus with. From Oak trees to Maple trees, Worcester State University is home to quite an array of tree species. In front of the Student center there is one tree in particular that you may have noticed while you hustled to get to class or walked past as you went to grab a bite to eat with friends in the cafeteria, the Lancer Oak.

This Oak tree, given the title of “the Lancer Oak”, is over 125 years old, dating back to the first days of this University. It isn’t hard to spot given the size of it. At around 75 feet tall and with a trunk that is over 13 feet in diameter, it is no doubt that the lancer Oak is the largest tree on campus.

“Cherish the past, Challenge the Future” are the words inscribed on the memorial plack for the Lancer Oak.  These words hold true in our young lives. As we prepare for the future we must take time to remember where we have been and remember the lessons we have learned.

So, during the busy days of finals and planning summer trips, take time to look around at the beauty that our campus has to offer, and while you are doing so, stop by and say hello to the Lancer Oak. It will be in the same place it has been for the past 125 some odd years. Feel free to gaze from afar, point it out to your parents who may be helping you move out of the dorms or  seek shelter under its massive branches where, if you listen hard enough, like a wise old professor it may share with you knowledge it has gained through the years. Take that knowledge and plant your own Oak tree, and if you’re lucky, you and your Oak tree with flourish just as the Lancer Oak has, enduring everything the world throws your way and growing stronger year after year.

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