Moving In Stereo: Baige O’Bannon Album review

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It is not a rare occurrence for people to leave things on tables around campus, especially the Student Center (SC),  hoping for people to take notice and pick it up. Usually we just see flyers for events or informational literature. Once I even found pamphlets on becoming a Jehovah’s Witness around the Third Floor of the SC. However most recently I discovered something different laid upon various table among the SC, particularly the Living Room area going towards Student Activities; what appeared to be an unknown artists demo cd had been placed on tables to spread their music around.

I thought to myself, “How Brave, they have laid it out for everyone to see, listen to, and most likely mock. Why not reward this artist, aka Baige O’Bannon, with a review and give his album entitled, A Prequel to some Cool Sh*t, a serious and open-minded listen.

Interestingly enough the album is not just a demo EP, it has sixteen tracks. That alone exceeded my expectations. Also, for an unknown hip hop artist, I was expecting to just hear way too many yo yos. This artist actually has some talent beyond primitive rap styling’s.

There is also an unidentified female voice featured that is quite good, especially on the first track, “Just Playin”. The female vocalist does not have to many lyrics but brings an interesting element to a song that gets the point across that women are party objects not regular people just as bad or worse than similar hip hop songs. Also, the backing music is horrible choppy during the beginning of the track.

Another song included on the album, “Chillin”, also has some verses putting women down. But luckily that is not all the song is about. There is also a part about eating snack food while partying. This song is a bit random with the lyrics and is only slightly redeemed by the smooth music behind that is much better than some other songs. A second issue with the lyrics besides that they make little sense is the overly used profanity. It sounds as if O’Bannon knows very few words that would not be censored on the radio.

Honestly as much as I am trying to give this a fair I feel insulted as listener. I know every artist should be given the right to express themselves in the way they see fit, however when a musician cannot find any lyrics to express themselves besides profanity it is beyond art and just overly amateur. Some profanity is fine in songs and helps add something but in this case it is just ridiculous. For the record I am not a musician or lyricist myself but I feel what O’Bannon has put out is not all he is capable of. For the most part the music backing the tracks was good and I think he has real potential if he can come up with some real lyrics.

I rate Baige O’ Bannon’s album A prequel to Some Cool Sh*t 2.5 out 5 stars


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