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By Joseph Labaire

Staff Writer


College is not just a time to party, sorry to break it to you partiers.  It is also a time to expand one’s global as well as personal knowledge. Some semesters can get boring with only taking the same old major/ minor classes. Luckily, while students are trying to accumulate extra credits in hope of graduating in 4 years, Worcester State is offers some really interesting classes that people might want to check out for the upcoming Fall 2012 semester.

Some really cool classes that would be fit in great with art requirements are; TH-245-01 (Acting I) and AR-350-E1 (Introduction to glass). The Theatre class covers basic acting theory and practice and students are required to act out scenes on stage. So, for all you aspiring actors/actresses out there, here is a chance to shine. As for Introduction to Glass, I can tell you from my personal experience that this class is not only fun, but interesting. Whether you partake in legal or non-legal activities that use glass instruments or you are someone who is just fascinated by activities that one would not usually have the chance to partake in, this class is for great. The class meets off campus at the Worcester Center for the Arts Glass Studio on New Street here in Worcester. Trust me, you’ll never be as proud as when you are using a glass that you made to drink out of at home, also, guests and friends will be envious! Both of these classes are 3 credit courses.

Worcester State also offers 1 credit courses. You may be asking yourself, “why in God’s name would I ever take a 1 credit course”, and that is a great question. However, I would advise looking into some of them because they sound pretty cool. Take for example some of the classes listed under the topic of Physical Education. A Woo State student could learn how to ballroom dance (PE-100-01), perform Yoga (PE-100-05), they can even learn how to sail a boat (PE-100-07) at Regatta Point Sailing Center located on Lake Quinsigamond. Also,for all the ladies out there, Worcester State offers a self-defense class for women (PE-100-10), also found under Physical Education. Not only will you have a diploma to prove that you went to college, you will also be able to shake your booty on the dance floor and kick some booty on the streets. Both of which are valuable skills to have in today’s rapidly evolving society.

The last few cool classes are for anyone out there who have happened to take Music 100 or Music 101. To go along with those amazing dance moves, it would be awesome to be able to make the music you and others dance to? For all those who answered yes, then what about taking either guitar or piano lessons! Both offer 1 credit each and a chance to learn a new talent. For those of who have not taken the required music classes, but want to learn to play an instrument, get going! Both music classes (MU-100 and MU-101) are 3 credit courses that count towards art requirements and are both interesting in their own way.

There is an old saying out there, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, and I believe this statement to hold true sometimes. However, what a person knows can sometimes lead them to who they end up knowing. So know as much as you can so you can meet as many people as you can. As a professor once said, the point of college is to develop critical thinking skills. Put whatever thinking skills acquired to date into action and think about taking one of these cool classes. Who knows, one day those sailing lessons learned in college may help you bump into some millionaire out on his boat and he will end up giving you a job, making you a millionaire. When that day comes you can thank me in the form of cash. As for the professors of these courses, I cannot tell you what they are like. No one has paid me for talking about these classes; I only found them online and decided to pass the information along. Have a great summer and good luck next semester.

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