Calling All Wordsmiths

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Are you a…

  • Writer?
  • Poet?
  • Master of Rants?



The Student Voice now accepts student submissions of any kind. What are we looking for? Student poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, and opinion pieces are all acceptable submissions. We will even consider papers written for school that you feel would shake the very foundations of the earth if they found their way into the hands of your future faithful sycophants. You may be wondering to yourself, “This is a newspaper I am holding, isn’t it?” Astute observation, my inquisitive friend! Yes, indeed, this is a newspaper. However, if you turn to the front page you will note that it has been deemed the Student VoiceNewspaper. We want to hear your voice. Consider this an opportunity to be heard by millions (editors may dream, may they not?) of eager readers.

 Please do not feel as though submitting to the Voice is a commitment of any sort. If you wish to remain anonymous, your identity is almost definitely secure with us. While we cannot guarantee that your submission will go to print (we only have so many pages), we can insure that an editor will review your article with care and consideration and will promptly respond to you.

Email submissions and inquiries to: or stop by our office on the third floor of the Student Center, Rm 320 during the office hours that are posted outside.

Vivat vox populi,


Thom Friend,

Co-Associate Editor

The Student Voice


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