Of the Woo, for the Woo, by the Woo:Your WSU Student Government

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By Senate Correspondent Marion Calabro


September brings a fresh face to Worcester State University. A new freshman class is embarking on a fresh educational frontier. Construction to the WSU Wellness Center will soon begin. On September 21 the inauguration of the 11th Worcester State University President, Barry Maloney, took place. The nation is also on the cusp of the National Presidential Election.


It is also a new term for Worcester State University’s Student Government Association.


The Student Senate, SGA President, and Student Trustee, are Worcester State students elected by their peers to represent student interest. This includes the use of the Student Activity Trust Fund (SATF) and providing a student voice to WSU administration.


This year the WSU Senate is striving to increase relevance of student government on an evolving campus through attaining a full Senate and increasing the accessibility of senators.


Worcester State Student Government Elections held September 25 and 26 will provide a new team of WSU Senators to represent students and bring these goals to life.


WSU Senate also has a recently created twitter handle @WSUSGA in addition to their facebook page facebook.com/WSUSGA.


The Student Senate will continue its column within The Student Voice, Worcester State’s student run newspaper, to put updated SGA news in the hands of WSU students.


In partnership with TWA, Senate is also offering Voter Registration events for the November State elections. Voter Registration forms along with Absentee Ballot Applications are available from both groups. The forms are also online at the Mass.gov website. The Voter Registration Deadline for the November 6 elections is Wednesday October 17.


Student investment is the crux of any higher educational experience. If students want to exemplify the Worcester State University spirit of “(changing) the way the world works”, they must only stand up and get involved.


To learn more about opportunities for involvement through Student Government email sga@worcester.edu or stop in at Senate’s weekly open meeting: Thursdays 4 p.m. in the Foster Room.



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