Moving in Stereo: Musicians from Near and Far

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By Ashley Arseneau

The music scene in Worcester is made up many different types of acts. There are rock bands of all kinds, reggae bands, dub step artists, hip hop groups and rappers, the more classical acts you can see at Mechanics Hall or Tuckerman Hall from Music Worcester, and yes even a few country artists are thrown into the mix. Diversity is part of what makes the music scene in Worcester so great. In a city that is so small, we have a little bit of most of everything at our disposal, live, without having to go all the way to Boston unless we want to.

Earlier in October, I was invited by The Alchemystics, a band from the Northampton/ Amherst area, to their most recent show at The Lucky Dog. For any of you that have not been lucky enough to head down there for a show, The Lucky Dog is a local bar that puts on live music shows most nights of the week and is very close to campus, just being on Green St. They host a multitude of different acts whether it be ‘80’s cover bands, reggae/ hip hop groups such as The Alchemystics, metal bands, and all the rock you could want. Unfortunately, it is 21+, however it is well worth the wait until you can get yourself in the door.

As previously mentioned, The Alchemystics are a hip hop/reggae group. According to their drummer, Demse Zullo, the best way to fully describe the music would be “a mix of conscious hip hop, reggae, soul music and dub.” Zullo also said that there are intentional messages to the music and they also intend to make people dance to their music.

Dance they did during The Alchemystics set. By the time the group took the stage a few minutes before midnight The Lucky Dog had filled up from a decent sized crowd to the area around the stage being completely packed. Before they took the stage they had rapper Catalyst, who appears with them on a few tracks, rap about random objects brought up to the stage from their pockets. He was able to carry this on for a good minute and a half.Here is the video I made of it

The band has been together in their current lineup for over four years and according to their Facebook The Alchemystics originally formed in 2004 and show no signs of slowing down. Anyone looking for a good party can be sure they will find it at one of their shows.

If you cannot make it to a show or just want to hear them for yourself, email to receive a free download of their album Spread Hope. They are also on FaceBook, Spotify and can be found on their website .To see my videos of their set at click here and here  andfinally here

Country Music in Worcester?

Yes indeed there are country music artists in and around Worcester. We the Worcester State Community are lucky enough to have one as a member of our campus community.

Erin Ollis is a WSU student and singer who has garnered national attention. She was named the 2012 Future Star Female Vocalist of the Year at the North America Country Music Association’s competition in Tennessee according to her website.

Ollis grew up singing classical music but in recent years she has drifted more towards country after being inspired by the likes of Kenny Rogers, Carrie Underwood, and Martina McBride. As a fan of country music new and old I feel safe in saying her voice and songs would be very popular amongst today’s country music scene and outside of the spectrum. The raw talent in her voice most likely comes from singing classical music and gives her a good vocal range to hit notes most amateur singers are not familiar with.

Ollis will be performing on November 3 at the Spruce Street Tavern in Clinton, MA and at the Order of the Holy Sepulchre in Newport, RI on November 17. For more show dates or to hear her music for yourself she can be found on FaceBook or on her website

She stopped by recently us a live acoustic performance outside our office in the student center. Check it out 

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