Who Knew About Woo U: Your Voice

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By: Joseph P. LaBaire

As most of you already know, we are currently in an election year that will prove to be historical in our country’s history, no matter what the outcome. It is our duty as American citizens to exercise one of our greatest rights, the right to vote.

I recently did a poll on campus and found that for the most part, a lot of you (students) here at Worcester State are registered voters and this will be the first presidential election you have ever partaken in. Voting is a big moment in one’s life. It puts a young person one step closer to being an adult, which means making decisions based on knowledge and facts, not opinion.

Since the beginning of this semester there has been a lot of talk on campus about the election. Walk down any hallway and you will probably hear a professor talking politics when he or she should be teaching Calculus or something else not related to politics. Sometimes these trusted sources of information (professors) will even go as far as telling their students who they should vote for. Trust me, I’m all for freedom of speech (our 1st amendment), but at what point does free speech become persuasion?

Do not trust everything that your elders or the media tells you. The purpose of your experience here, in a higher learning establishment, is to learn how to think critically for yourself. I know the workload of the semester can be heavy this time of year and the last thing you want to do is more research than necessary. However, if you have some free time before the elections, do yourself a favor and do some research on both of the presidential candidates. Vote because you want to, not because your parents, professors, or friends tell you to. You have a voice and your message should be heard.

Be proud of yourself, your voice, and your right to vote. Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Speak up and may the best candidate, the right candidate, win.

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