WSU Fashion: Comfort Meets Appropriate Dress

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By: Lola Ogunjobi

Being a part of the Worcester State community could definitely make one feel as if they are  completely invisible as they pass many unfamiliar faces on a day to day basis. One way that we distinguish ourselves amongst a sea of people is by the way we dress, yes, by fashion.

It is not always the latest styles and trends that catch a person’s attention, but often it is an individual’s personal style [or lack thereof].

Walking around the WSU campus, many times it would seem as though the majority of students have just rolled out of bed.  This stereotypical student dons the unofficial college uniform; a pair of sweat/yoga pants, maybe a pair of Ugg boots or sneakers, and the ever-present sweatshirt or Northface jacket.

These items of clothing may seem comfortable, but what do they really say about you? What story does your fashion choice tell? As some would say, the idea of growing up also means to “dress for success”. Consider collegiate life a dry run for your post-grad years.

Being comfortable does not mean that there has to be a slack on style and trying to look your personal best. There are students that seem to have achieved the goal of comfortability, as they are seen going from class to class in their own styles, which could lead a person to make positive assumptions about one another.

You never know when an opportunity will arise, would you really want to be caught in what you wore to sleep last night? The challenge is to impress yourself, and to dress for success. The possibilities are endless.

Ready, set, get fabulous (or devilishly handsome)!


Nina Healy WSU Junior Example of comfortability without the “Hot Mess” Factor
“I wouldn’t really go out in sweats unless it was a dire situation. But I love to dress well, but still be comfortable in what I wear. Fall is the time to pull out the big comfy sweaters and boots.”

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