Fashion at the Woo: BUNDLE UP

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Female Cold Weather Standout
Sojeong Park- WSU senior
“I dress in anything comfortable but interesting”.
Her outfit showcases comfortable style, while still adding a touch of personal flair. She took a fashion risk with wearing shorts in nearly winter weather, but added tights for comfortable warmth while still looking cute.
A+ Stay fabulous Sojeong

By Lola Ogunjobi

The end of the fall semester is right on the horizon, tired yet? As students walk from class to class in the cold autumn and winter weather, there is much opportunity to get discouraged and begin to slack on style. By slack, I mean starting to consider sweats as ones new uniform. And that simply is not an option.

We may be looking to a couple months of chilling temperatures, but as these months pass by, we are all getting that much closer to our inevitable graduations. This means that sooner than we know it, this means that we will all be in the real world and have to dress as a professional on a daily basis, no matter the weather situation. So leave the sweats and yogas at home!


Cold Weather Male Standout
Taylor Marquis: Worcester State Freshman
Spotted, An example of a comfortable but still presentable male on campus. Taylor is perfectly quaffed and laid back in a long sleeve tee, jeans, and a pair of boots as he makes his way to class. The best part of this look is no sweats in sight!
Comfortable, simple, and still presentable.
A+ Stay handsome Taylor

Boots, sweaters, scarves, and other knitwear have been seen prevalently on campus as a more fashionable means of acclimating to the cold weather. And for the men of Worcester State, long sleeves and jeans have become the outfit of choice for those who choose to venture away from basic sweatpants and sweatshirts. For those who have taken to the cold weather, and remained presentable, hats off to you.

It may be cold and windy, but remaining presentable in public is a must. Definitely bundle up and keep warm, just remember to do so in an impressive manner.

—Stay handsome and stay fabulous

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