Lancer Nation; Making Worcester State Pride Work

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By Marion Calabro

Senate Correspondent


Worcester State Student Senators are searching for WSU’s spirit. WSU is characterized by its hard working students, dedicated faculty, and student oriented administration. Despite many assets, Worcester State lacks a unified school spirit. Lancer Nation aims to change that.


With so many commendable things at Worcester State ranging from academics to student activities to athletics; it seems surprising that there is not more WSU pride visible on campus. Lancer Nation is a student run committee aspiring to develop existing pockets of pride on campus into a more conspicuous part of the community.


Charles Davis ’15 and Cameron Pramas ’14 are leading Lancer Nation, a new ad-hoc committee of WSU’s Student Senate. The committee is comprised of 15 senators who meet weekly striving to create a tangible path towards Lancer Nation’s goal.


“Worcester State is going through huge changes [during] the next couple years and this is the perfect time to bring changes to our school pride”, said Charles Davis on the timing of Lancer Nation. He continued, “Students supporting other students [helps] them [find] a place and feel part of something”


Cameron Pramas said ,“I hope to see other students become involved in Lancer Nation as it progresses,” speaking to his desire to see Lancer Nation move beyond a Senate driven initiative. According to both Co-Chairs the crux of any school spirit initiative is within the student body.


When asked on the means of accomplishing an increase in school spirit Pramas responded, “[Lancer Nation] hopes to host a number of events that students attend.”


Currently, Lancer Nation is working in conjunction with WSU student groups: SEC and LVTV, on a large scale “Spring Event” which will be announced in the coming weeks.


“Every school has “that thing” that [students] talk about and want to be a part of and this is what we hope Lancer Nation turns into.” Says Charles Davis.


While students involved in student activities or athletics have opportunities to form communities on campus, a universal increase in school spirit would allow the entire student body to connect with one another over a shared Worcester State University pride.


Lancer Nation currently has its own facebook page at: and in the process of launching a twitter page: @wsulancernation


If you are interested in involvement with Lancer Nation or have any questions contact them through the SGA at

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