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  1. Jeff Loughlin

    February 10, 2012


    Why is the byline of the person who posts articles for The Student Voice above the

    byline of the person who writes the article?

    To the casual reader, it appears that Ashley Arseneau (for instance) is the

    author of all Student Voice articles.

    That’s not the case, but the format being used strongly implies that interpretation.

    I’m not being critical of anyone. I’m just curious.



    • Jeff, While I post most of articles, I make sure the byline of the writer is at the top of the post. I can see your confusion however and apologize if you are annoyed by this.


  2. Jeff Loughlin

    February 12, 2012


    I’m not annoyed at all.

    I just think that accuracy in journalism is critical.

    Maybe you’re not seeing what I see.

    I did a copy & paste of a recent posting, see below.

    MassPirg is the Word
    by ashleyarseneau
    By Marion Calabro

    It appears to me that ashleyarseneau, NOT Marion Calabro, is the author of MassPirg is the


    It’s not clear to me (the reader), who did what.

    You are assuming that the reader even knows what a “poster” is or does.

    The reader ALWAYS assumes that the name directly below the hed is the “author.”

    A more accurate read would be as follows:

    MassPirg is the Word
    By Marion Calabro
    posted by ashleyarseneau

    Perhaps it’s just a formatting problem that should be corrected, but it is inaccurate as it


    Check it out, ask around…



    • Jeff,

      Not every person we have write for us has an account on this site. We do not control where the poster’s name appears. So I post the article and it just appears with my name. The writer’s name is still listed. I know how bylines appear on other sites. I think you need to look at the work being done not the format of the site and other small details.


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